Whoo Hooo! It's Friday!
Lady Liberty

Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

Not that it matters to many, but I like old movies, and romance, and unlikely friendships - ones that have good stories. I watched a movie the other night that had elements of all three. It's not a movie filled with creatures, or horror, or sex. There are no chase scenes or explosions or gunfights. It's a simple, old-fashioned movie about two people who become good friends and how lives change through relationship.

I love movies that make me feel. And I love movies that use songs to convey those feelings. In this scene the friends - Mrs. Palfrey and Ludovek - are asking questions to get to know one another. He asks her, "What is your favorite song?" She mentions one and thinks he's too young to know it.  He surprises her...



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