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see something, say something

When my sister and I are in the car driving around, we always consider it an adventure. We have on occasion taken an unknown road just to see where it leads. The fun comes in finding our way home without having to resort to a smartphone application to tell us the way (which I guess in some ways is cheating if we’re trying to enjoy the adventure of getting from there to here).  And then there are the times when the adventure is in our own backyard.

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all is well (tuneful tuesday)

Another of my favorite songs sung by one of my favorite a Capella groups. There is just something so peaceful about the song - a reassurance that now that Christ has come, peace will reign on earth. Now granted, there is no way one can say we have peace on earth, but we can have peace with God because of the life, death, and resurrection of God's Son, Jesus Christ. A song of peace, and a song of faith. All is most definitely well! (Yes, I know this is a Christmas song, but maybe every day is Christmas when we remember what Jesus has done for us...)


Goodbye to Happy-ness

GroupThis morning at 5:30 AM I said goodbye to Happy, my beloved black Labrador of 10 years. I have written earlier about her weakening condition. Labradors are made of abundant dog fortitude. Happy never whined about the pain she was obviously having. She was strong and brave to the end.

On one of her last times outside, she walked slowly up the little hill on the west side of the house where she would sit for hours and look out across the wide backyard where she benevolently ruled for so many years. There she had chased many a rabbit. She and her brother sampled the latest cologne from a visiting skunk. She even argued with a ground hog once. From her vantage point she would monitor my grass mowing to be sure I didn’t miss anything. From time to time her buddy/brother Cody would join her and silently wait for something to chase or for a passerby to bark at. I remember times of calling her at dusk to come inside and she would look around at me from her post as if to say, “Just a little while longer…?”

But like all of us, time caught up with her. The emergency room Vet who examined her said that Happy had a large mass in her upper abdomen which was pressing up against her heart causing her labored breathing and sluggishness. The Vet also noticed some internal bleeding. Along with her incontinence, drooling, and sporadic eating the Vet said with tears in her eyes that my Happy was slowly dying. (She said that her own black lab had died of similar conditions.) I held Happy in my arms as the Vet administered the injections. She fell asleep and laid quietly at my feet.

Saying goodbye to such a companion is never easy. And yet, even as much as I could wish that she stay with me just a little while longer, such thoughts are selfish especially when such a beautiful animal is suffering. That moment of letting go is never easy. Yet, she has left me so many grand memories of her heart and her love.  I had a decade of days with this wonderful dog, and she will not be forgotten.

banner variations


I love hearing our national anthem. I love singing our national anthem. It has come under pretty intense attacks in the last few years, but as long as I'm around, I think it is a song worth singing. It is a song worthy of honoring our nation - its citizens, those who serve in defending our nation with their lives, and yes even the freedoms some would attempt to wreck with their protests. 

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the slow goodbye?

Hap1Happy, my black lab of 10 years, is starting to slow down.

I’m not sure what the issue is. She just had her annual checkup several days ago, and the vet who examined her said she appeared to be fine. Her eyes are cloudy and he said she is slowly going blind.

But she is no longer eating dry food and I have to coax her to eat breakfast. She seems to be losing weight and I have been trying to make her comfortable.

It’s sad.

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