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all is well (tuneful tuesday)

in the cool of the day

Shame2I have been intrigued by a phrase in the Bible that generates all sorts of images and inspiration.

“Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day…” (Genesis 3:8)

It has sent me to various commentaries. Some have said the sound was that of a thunderstorm. Translators say the “cool of the day” can be Shametranslated as “the wind of the day” – “the hour in a hot climate when the evening breeze sets in, and men, rising from their noontide slumber, go forth for labor or recreation.” (Ellicott’s Commentary) Some say the LORD God referred to was the pre-Incarnate Christ, the Son of God.

God walked the garden during the cool of the day – taking in the beauty of His creation, reflecting on the events of the day – the sun rising, the grass growing, the clouds moving, the worlds spinning in ordered obedience. All seemed right with the world, and yet He knew that something was wrong. Something had happened that now marred His creation.
Man and Woman had disobeyed His clear instruction.

Some have interpreted the “sound of the wind” as being that of a mighty rushing wind (as in the arrival of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:2); and that God spoke out of the whirlwind as he did in Job 38:1.

In any event, He came to enjoy his garden but found He now had to deal with disobedience – to confront sin, issue judgement, and begin the long process of redemption.

God is infinite, but as one author states, “To reveal Himself to humanity, God used human language and human concepts so we can understand something of His character and deeds. … He expresses his character and deeds in human terms so we can have a reference point for our understanding.” (Stewart)

And so, the garden becomes the backdrop for the genesis of redemption. What would be the remedy of sin? Well, as God would judge He would also provide a way to resolve the judgment. Separation finds a solution. The death of the One will become that which covers and recovers those who understand the devastation of their inherited deviation, who admit their need and accept the salvation that the Creator of the Garden provides.


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