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what does it mean to me?

Another entry about the step of Application on Bible Study.

How do I make it active? I have a passage of scripture that I’ve studied; I know what it says and I know what it means. But application says “What does it mean to me?”  How do I determine how I should live?

Someone summarized the step of application using an acrostic for PRECEPTS. I like this; it’s a good way to start and fairly easy to remember.

P romise to claim (If God has made a promise, I should take note of it and allow it to motivate me to deeper levels of devotion.)

R eason to praise (see my article on praise in every verse; hyperlink)

E xample to follow (what did someone do that I could use in my own life?)

C ommand to obey (“To obey is better than sacrifice…”

E rror to Avoid (the opposite of the example to follow)

P rayer to Pray (there are many elements of prayer in God’s Word; the way some Bible characters pray and the things that they pray for is great guidance for believers; some people use the prayers of the Bible to stimulate their own prayer life.)

T ruth to believe/Thanks to give (A believer should always be adding to knowledge; and there is always something to thank God for. Max Lucado asks, “What if the only things you have today are the things you thanked God for yesterday?” VERY motivational)

S in to confess (Good believers keep short accounts with their God. We are not perfect, but we do have access to a Savior who is forgiveness personified.)

And each of these should also be quantified by making the application

Specific – general activity is not easily verifiable; for example, having an application that states “I will pray for the missionaries” sounds OK, but wouldn’t it be better to pray for the specific needs of a specific missionary family? Making the application specific brings focus.

Measurable – a believer’s desire to pray for a specific missionary can easily be verified.



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