and then...I was 61
ancient words (tuneful tuesday #14)


It's not an original idea with me - but when I noticed in on another person's blog - and that it seemed as though they had stopped doing it - I thought I'd add it to my Tumblr - Pilgrim Progressional.

What the person had done was take words and placed the word with its definition in a graphic sort of way. Easy enough to do, but finding that right definition is the challenge.

I started added them. I have been collecting words for the additions to the blog for a few weeks now and I have started posting them there.

I think it helps to give a sense of clarity to life - to know the definition of something - maybe something very familiar but which has been lost in the busyness of days.

My Tumblr is over 4000 entries strong. Get a cup of tea, turn on some nice music, and take a stroll through my online gallery, and search for the definitions.



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