back of the napkin #79
Whoo Hooo It's Friday!

to bring us home

"...and from the first He knew what He had to do to bring us - to bring me - home..."

I heard a musical setting of John 3:16 this morning on my way home from FCP that had me thinking, and yes a few tears fell, as I thought that all of what God has done down through the ages has been done -- to bring me home.


I pictured a modern-day setting of the returning prodigal (Luke 15:11-32) with a tired, dirty, lonesome young man is slowly making his way up the long road to his father's house. Not looking up, but moving slowly forward, head bowed, step after weary step, wondering what in the world he would say to the man if his father would even see him after knocking on the door to his one-time home.

But in the distance, coming from the house, is his dad, running at full speed, tears streaming down his face - his son was coming home and it didn't matter what he looked like, or what he had done, or where he had been. He was home -- and that's all that mattered.

I think of myself and remind myself that I am that son. Lost, away from home, alone - and wondering if there would ever be a way I could find my way back.  But before I even take one step up the driveway, there's my Heavenly Father, running toward me having wanted so much for me to realize that I need never worry. The pathway home has always been there - I just needed to move in my Father's direction.

I don't know if anyone will ever read what's here, but I pray you will find your way home, too. The Father has prepared everything to make a way for you to get back home. Trust Him - and realize how wonderful and eternal His love is for you.



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