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cradle hymn (tuneful tuesday #12)


DoghomeworkYes, I have been delinquent in posting to the blog. I was thinking about this the other day when I went to post something and realized that the days had escaped me since the last entry.  I instantly felt guilty.

I think everyone is quicker to offer excuses than accept responsibility for their failings. I even cringe at the thought that I have been irresponsible when it comes to my online home. Like most, it’s easier to offer excuses than it is to accept responsibility.

Excuses like – “Well, the computer has been uncooperative.”  Even though it has – I’m guessing from trying to upgrade to the new iteration of Excuses1Windows 10 – the excuse is flimsy because I have two other computers (my Surface, and my Lenovo laptop) through which I could have posted my entries. There’s no rule that says I have to only post using the desktop.

Another excuse I could offer is that my new job has messed up my posting schedule. ((Insert irritating buzzer sound.))  Sorry, Bill – making your new job an excuse for not being faithful to your blog is not acceptable. You have had other jobs, and by now you should be used to changes in schedules. Also, you don’t have a set posting schedule, so thanks for playing – you’re OUT.

Well how about the point that there just hasn’t been much going on for me to write about. ((My muse is standing on the inside of me, hands on hips, totally disgusted look on its face.)) OK, maybe I could have come up with creative postings – like quotes from things I’ve read, observations from life, You Tube postings, quotes, pictures, and other things.

But it’s all just excuses.  I’ve been lazy. I’ve been negligent. I’ve just not made posting a priority. And I need to be honest with myself and admit that I need to make a better effort at being consistent with my blog. I started it in 2006 as an avenue of expression, an opportunity of learning stuff in this digital world, and in some sense a legacy that will hang around for a while after I die. Sort of evidence that I was here, and this is what happened to me, this is what I thought, this is what I’d like to share with those who happen to drop by my little corner on the World Wide Web. (Is it even called that anymore?)

So there you have it, readers. My confession. I can’t say I will do better in the days ahead – but I will try. Of course that’s as soon as the unicorns are fed and watered and my lottery millions are safely buried in the back yard.


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