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Whoo hooo! It's Friday!

TBT - My First Novel

TBTOne whole year...

It's hard to believe but my first novel was self-published on March 1, 2017. 

Cause for celebration? For me it is. Regrets? Not one.

I wander by the Amazon page and I still smile --- and I find myself laughing, too.


Stephen King or J. K Rowling can sleep sweetly. I will never be a threat to them. A joke, maybe, but never a threat. (Bill smiles widely.)

But I still take a great deal of pride in my achievement. I wrote about how the novel came about when the book was released on Amazon last year.

Cover1And now - I'm working on the second of four stories that I have planned with Benjamin Sunday. It's still tough, and I still get discouraged at times, but I keep working at it. I get a good idea and try and figure out where it fits in the total arc of the book.  I reread some of what I've written and think, "C'mon, Bill - who are you trying to kid...?" Still, the fun is in the journey and I keep telling myself, "Hey, you did one. You can do another."

I'm hoping to self-publish "Benjamin Sunday and the Mayan's Secret" later this year. It precedes the first novel and shares the exciting adventure Benjamin has with his mentor, Dr. Jackson Reynolds.

This one will be more fantasy than the first novel. I have been visited by the imagination muse and much of what seems to be invading the book is unbelievable - but I'm trying hard to take the fantasy and write in such a way that I can say, "It could happen..."

So here's to hoping that Novel 1 has a brother this time next year. Finger's crossed...


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