the beatles
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Whoo hooo! It's Friday!

It's also a holiday weekend - remembering the birth of one of the United States' most influential civil rights leaders.

I don't remember much about the beginnings of the Civil Rights movement; I remember people being angry and saying hateful things. But I grew up without really considering the color of a person's skin. To me the people around me were friends and neighbors, schoolmates and playmates. People I liked and people who liked me. As I grew older I understood his wasn't always true in my country.

But Martin Luther King, Jr. tried to change that. His sermons, his non-violent disobedience, his influence brought change to this country. It's ironic that many in this country seem to desire returning to a time of separation because they don't agree with other people. In my opinion, Dr. King and others wouldn't be happy with where things are going...



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