a child of the snows
modern day sadness

the blank page


“An old friend of mine told me she would always keep the first page of every notebook blank.
I never thought much of it until I started writing more regularly –
Until that one day I threw out a whole journal because every time I opened it
all I could see was mistakes.

Now I keep the first page blank. A clean slate for every thought

A new beginning for every time you open your heart
No scribbles
No smudges
No bad memories staring you in the face.
I write to release and that same blank page reminds me [every time]
that there are other blank pages – waiting for my mistakes, and tears, and doodles and flashbacks
My grammatical errors, and moments of joy, and angst, and smiles –in every loopy letter.

It reminds me that there are so many blank pages that await me
and that even though there are pages I don’t care to see,
I know they are behind me.

It only takes one glimpse of emptiness to remind me that my pages
are much more beautiful when filled."

from Brittany Nowicki


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