somewhere in your silent night (tuneful tuesday)

Emmanuel; God with us.

The message of Christmas is that God has come to show us what love really means. He came to save, and still He saves. 

I am so very grateful He found me late March 1970. Sometimes I feel as though I've been lost in the shuffle of life, but I am reminded by songs like this that Love came to find ME to give me the greatest gift of all - eternal life through my loving Savior. - Amen.

"we have the stars..."

They just don’t make them like they used to. Then it was about entertaining. There was little of this “communicating a message” stuff. Film was used to capture a story, to entertain, to take a short amount of a person’s time and transport them into other situations to entertain. Stars were all about crafting a character that moved those who paid to watch them act. If they wanted to communicate a message, they did so in interviews and/or on their own time.


i existed, i cared

You mustn't live so lightly,

Spin your stories, tell your tales,
Let them dance across the oceans
And set the wind upon your sails.
For every truth found on your travels
And in the pits of your despair,
Is a shout into forever
Of "I existed, and I cared."

-Erin Hanson