@FCP studying Psalm 141

"Life is built on character, and character is built on decisions." - Wiersbe

Psalm 141 is David's prayer in the context of being attacked by his enemies. It uses much of the same vocabulary as Psalm 140. Making wise decisions develops depth of character.

Hear me (v. 1-2)

Guard me (v. 3-4)

Correct me (v. 5-7)

Defend me (v. 8-10)

"Heart" > thought life, emotions, things that motivate us and mold us. Thought life controls the rest of life; controls actions. What you think is what you are; Proverbs 23:7


@FCP studying Psalm 140

David's individual lament focused on the wicked.

What sinners do. v. 1-5 (the wicked and their works)
  the heart > by conspiracy
  the tongue < by lying
  the hand > by violence

What God's people should do. v. 6-8 
  pray for protection
  pray for changed desires
  pray evil plans fail

What sin does to sinners v. 9-11
  people reap what they sow

What God does for his people v. 12-13 
  His plan will be accomplished
  His people will be satisfied

(Wiersbe outline)

@FCP studying Psalm 139

The psalm which presents God's relationship with me.

"What we think about and our relationship with Him determines what we think about everything else." - Wiersbe

  1. God knows me intimately. No deception (Thinking about His Person) - v. 1-6 Handholding
  2. God is with me constantly. No escape (Thinking about His Presence) - v. 7-12
  3. God wonderfully made me. Never alone (Thinking about His Production) - v. 13-16
  4. God is righteous. No disputes (Thinking about His Pondering) - v. 17-22
  5. God is the focus of my prayer. No blockage. (Thinking about our Relationship (- v. 23-24)

I witnessed a father disciplining his son for his misbehavior today - a rare thing in public. The little boy wouldn't listen, the father took him to a private area in the store, spoke to him firmly, the boy started to cry, I heard two pats (apparently on his butt; it didn't sound hard, and it didn't sound angry). Afterwards, more words, more tears from the little boy, and they calmly walked back to their table. The boy soon settled down realizing that he was wrong.

I thought - this is a picture of God and me. The times when I've done wrong may be followed by a time when I'm faced with God's discipline of me. His word explains to me my error, my sin - I cry - He pulls me aside and I try and understand His discipline. And because I love him, I redouble my effort to love Him more because of His love and sacrifice for me.

And if I have received mercy and grace from Him, I should do my best to try and share his mercy and grace with those around me.

done with Facebook...again


Every time I see a reminder from Facebook about something I have put there in the past, a little voice inside my head thinks, "Wow, has it been that long ago when I posted that picture?"

And then I start thinking of all the time I've wasted on a website - tracking what's happened to family and friends in a day and all the feelings that come along when something I've labored to post gets no reaction.

The website is free, but it has cost me countless minutes I will never get back, invested in doing nothing, and fostering feelings and attitudes that have not been helpful. Feelings and attitudes that should not be in my heart.

And other sites - like my blog - have suffered since I waste time on Facebook while my blog site goes ignored. I pay for the blog, but FB is free, yet it gets the lion's share of my attention.

Stuff I read on Facebook is rarely spiritually beneficial. In fact, many of my reactions and postings have been things that after having posted them, the Holy Spirit has convicted me of their being UN-Christian.

Like taking out the trash each week, or uncluttering a room, I'm thinking it's time to be done with Facebook.

I won't be missed. Like a busy train station or shopping center at Christmas, people are running here and there doing this and that and my little tidbits are just a drop in everyone's bucket. So, I'll just keep my drops to myself.

done with Disney

SadMickeySince I was first able to watch TV, I have been a fan of all things Disney. Mickey Mouse Cub, Mickey Mouse cartoons, World of Color (Disney’s Sunday night program), Disney movies – animated, live action, nature films – Disney toys. I have a collection that is fairly extensive full of mugs, and water globes, and key chains, puzzles, stuffed animals, blankets, shirts. I have even had one of the blankets framed that I received after one of my many Disney World trips. I’ve been to all five Disney Parks on both of the US coasts. I’ve taken at least 5 Disney cruises. I’ve made countless trips to Disney Stores.

But now, I’m done with Disney.

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finding what was lost

Tell me where you lost the company of Christ, and I will tell you the most likely place to find Him. Have you lost Christ in the closet by restraining prayer? Then it is there you
must seek and find Him. Did you lose Christ by sin? You will find Christ in no other way but by the giving up of the sin, and seeking by the Holy Spirit to mortify the member in which the lust dwells. Did you lose Christ by neglecting the Scriptures? You must find Christ in the Scriptures. It is a true proverb, "Look for a thing where you dropped it--it is there." So look for Christ where you lost Him, for He has not gone away.

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