TBT - Moving On

TBTIt's never easy - but at times it's necessary.

What is? Changing jobs.

That's what is currently happening with me. After five months of working full time at home for a contractor, I decided it was time to find something else to do. A tip from a friend put me in touch with another contractor, and in a few days I'll be joining another group doing what I love to do - technical writing.


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The Vicious Bully

WinkyI wrote this blog entry a year ago - just about the time I was leaving one job and beginning another. Emotions were pretty raw at the time. But after a year, I think it's time to post it.


Recently I had interaction with someone who was trying to alter facets of my job but who neglected to discuss the proposal with me. Now granted, the person was within their rights to pursue developments and changes based upon their views and discussions with others. Nevertheless, professionalism -- and just plain common courtesy -- dictates that one should necessarily consider the proposals with the one doing the lion's share of the work -- which was me.

But they did not.


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I logged into my account just to clear out any traffic that might have occurred there over the past few days and received this notification from a program that I have running alongside Facebook.

"You have been unfriended..."

...and it named who had unfriended me. I did a quick check of my friend's list and sure enough. The person is no longer there.

Glitch? Perhaps. But I'm guessing not. I'll check again in a few days, but I have a hunch the results will be the same.

I could have probably predicted that this was going to happen; I had called them out about something they had done to me. Some people need to be reminded that sometimes they forget that their actions have consequences. Is this the first step in their kicking me to the curb? Who knows....


I had hoped that the person -- who I still consider my friend -- was/is more mature than that. I will keep my hopes held high for them, and I will continue to pray for them and trust that in time they will try and understand that one part of living a skillful life is developing a constant and consistent awareness of others.

An awareness that never acts until this question is asked and answered: "How does this affect so-and-so?"  And not just assume I know the answer to the question -- but actually go to the person and ask them: "Hey, I'm thinking this and that will do this and that for us - for you. What do you think?" Get it from the source. Decide only after checking in with them. Seek out their opinion. Value their input.

Tedious? Maybe. But very necessary. Why? It communicates care. It expresses concern. It's what a TRUE friend would do.

"Do unto others as..." Value added consideration. A momentary reflection but a lifetime of applications.

Unfriended? Yep. Sure looks that way. Sad, but life goes on and like I always try and tell myself: "The bumps are what you climb on..."  (Thanks, Warren Wiersbe...)