lemon road

LemonroadIt makes me smile inside myself when I see a sign or instructions - and disbelieve what it's trying to tell me.

"Wet Paint"  Oh yeah? And my finger just has to test whether or not it really is.

"Delivery Date Will Be ##/##/####"  And I click "Track Package" when the email confirmation appears, and then keep checking it to see where the package is.

Disbelief causes stress. Being untrusting brings a level of tension in life that isn't really needed.

So what if it doesn't turn out the way it was supposed to? Why do I conclude the result is disappointing? Why can't I just accept the idea that sometimes things are as they are because they just are? Can I complain and get what I want? Sure, but is that necessary? Why am I so quick to conclude something as disappointing when it might be that the supposed disappointment might be the better way or the better thing?

Disbelief is what happens when someone or some thing proves to be wrong in their warning or instructions. But doesn't that ultimately make life more interesting?

I am expecting lemonade - but I get a lemon instead. So? What can be done about that? What makes life interesting is trying to creatively use what life gives me and see where that will take me.

That's what gives joy in the journey. Sometimes the detour takes me to the more wonderful adventure.

And I'll get to it -- just as soon as I see whether or not this really IS wet paint...