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TBTSome boxes just hold all sorts of surprises.

I found a package of photos in my basement and spent a few minutes running through them.

It was a full of memories - weddings, pictures of dad's work buddies, airplanes, etc. BillatOne

But when I shuffled through them, there was a picture of me -- when I was one year old.

The writing on the back of the photo said "19-6" and it looks like I'm not more than a year old. My sister looks as though she's definitely well into being two. I'm guessing the picture was taken on June 19. From what I can tell it was taken in my grandparents' kitchen. While my dad and grandfather were building my parent's house, we lived for a short time with my dad's parents. Memories of that time are long gone, but the picture remains.

It makes me laugh - everyone has smiles and I look as though I'm totally dumbfounded. The last to figure things out.

It's that - or I'm wondering who's going to change my diaper.  (Big grin...)

wedding, post 1 - memories

I remember the first time I held her. So tiny and so wonderful. My sister's first child. My niece.

I remember the night she watched her first Disney animated movie - "The Little Mermaid".

I remember her driving around in a little motorized car my Dad gave to her one Christmas. I remember their smiles - big, broad, and so full of joy.

I remember her first day at pre-kindergarten and the days afterward when she would ride along with me to school. Me a teacher, she sucking a binky and singing along to the Bible tune tape she loved to listen to.

I remember holding her in my lap - and wishing she would never grow up. How desperately we wish that time would stand still.

I remember the time I made her cry because of something I said. One of the saddest days of my life. It still brings a lump to my throat when I realize how deeply she feels things.

I remember her struggles in school and college - and how wonderfully she overcame them through hard work and incredible creativity.

I remember her greatest victories and her private little bumps in the road.

She's my niece - and today she becomes a bride...


The Last Day of September

Craft It was a wonderful day.

I have to admit it was very wonderful day.

My niece wanted to go to the fall Mountain Heritage Arts & Crafts Festival near Harper's Ferry, WV. It has become sort of a fall tradition for us to go to one of the three days of this fall event and of course I made plans to go. My sister and nephew also came along. I love spending time with them all. It was a wonderful day.

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