to my sister...on her birthday
Whoo hooo! It's Friday!

customer service?

I treated my sister and niece to dinner in honor of my sister's birthday last evening.

It was my sister's choice, and we all looked forward to a nice time, a good meal, and celebrating her day.

It wasn't long before we were all remarking about our experience. 

The wine glasses and the cutlery appeared dirty; I'm sure it was just spotting from the dishwasher, but how could a restaurant serve customers with glasses spotted and smudged and eating utensils needing a good shine? Normally the restaurant would ask if we wanted to sample their wine of the evening or asked if we wanted a glass - but no one asked. We had set the glasses aside to make them easy to get to if we were offered wine, but it never happened.

We enjoyed the appetizer and salad and breadsticks we received - but as is the restaurant's claim to bottomless salad and breadsticks, we never received more salad, nor were we even asked if we desired more.

Our meals were nothing special. My niece commented that her meal was cold. My lasagna had burnt edges and looked like it had cooked too long. I got the feeling that someone scraped the pan and dumped the last piece onto my plate

As we finished our meal we were given instructions on using their electronic payment tablet which we have used before. We finished paying for the meal and awaited our receipt from the kiosk, but nothing was received. We called for the waitress TWICE - and she never materialized. We finally just got up and left.

I really don't like to complain, but sometimes things have to be said if only to make service to others better than what was received.  Particularly in our area where people just don't seem to care about good service. Order it, slap in on the table, pay the check, out the door you go. I mean how can a restaurant build customers if the customers feel like they're just numbers on a check? It's almost a guessing game to see when the eating place will close whenever they open simply because customer service is so poor.

Case in point. My sister and I have eaten twice at an Irish pub about 45 minutes away from my house. Both times we have loved the food and the service has been excellent. The waiters/waitresses all seem tuned into what we need/want making the dining experience wonderful memories. The impressive thing is that the restaurant probably seats 50 people and the kitchen is not much larger than my own kitchen. Yet, there is a definite chance we will return again. What made the difference? Well the food WAS good, but you felt that as a customer you were their focus.

I hope things improve. I would like to dine closer to home but only if service improves in our area eateries.


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