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back of the napkin #38

Shall We Dance?

My sister, my niece, and I went to the theatre yesterday.

Not to the movies - the THE-UH-Tuh. You know -- stage, orchestra pit, actors, actresses, costumes, sets... The whole shebang.


And it wasn't just any play we went to see -- it was one of the classics.  A Rogers & Hammerstein one.  (Insert "whoooo's" and "aaaaahhh's".)

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts hosted the touring production of R&H's The King and I. The musical is probably best remembered from the classic MOVIE production starring Deborah Kerr and the ONLY person to completely own the role of the King of Siam - Yul Brenner.

The JFK Center production was good. I actually just wanted to see and hear Laura Michelle Kelly portray Anna. She has the voice of an angel and was the original "Mary Poppins" when the stage play was produced in London. The stage featured moving columns which tried to represent the extensive nature of the palace. The costumes from Anna's hoop skirts - it's set in the 1840's - to the Asian wardrobe and set pieces were well done.

But there's just something about the polished floors and huge columns of the movie production that just makes it such a richer visual and entertainment experience.

And the portrayal of the King of Siam by Yul Brenner just cannot be reproduced. Watch him in this clip. When he delivers his lines you BELIEVE he is the king...  And the music - well, you just can't help singing along...


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