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Alice2017Dear Lord,

How can I possibly celebrate Mother’s Day, when it’s a day that reminds me of all that I have lost?

And yet, it’s also a reminder of all that I was given. With every memory of her, You reminded me that she’s as close as You are. I can be close to her only when I draw close to You.

So, please, Lord, help me. AliceSlonaker

Let this be the time that comfort finally overshadows the pain. Don’t let my sorrow cancel out my joy. Help me celebrate Mom today. Let me hear her voice and her sense of humor, her opinions and her personality, in the voices of others today—or even in my own words.

Let me love people the way Mom did. Lord, teach me to notice the needs all around me and equip me to be the help that she was to so many, and let me do it as she did: humbly, quietly, for the sake of the person in need and not about her at all.

Today, Lord, and every day, free me from the burden of my grief. Thank You for giving her to me. Thank You for loving me that much. Thank You for walking beside me, through sadness and sorrow and joy.

Thank You for the hope You have given us that we will see each other again.

Thank You for the DNA you implanted within me and for the knowledge that I carry her with me every day.

Thank You for who You are. Thank You for understanding how much I miss her. Thank You for my memories.

And thank You for this day dedicated to honoring and remembering our moms, and for all the reasons I have to celebrate and rejoice.  Amen.

(adapted from a prayer written by Kelly O'Dell Stanley)


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