back of the napkin #28
Whoo hooo! It's Friday!

a turkey, an old building, and an answer to prayer (part 2)

TurkeyI was coming home from plant shopping with my sister on Mother’s Day when I noticed people walking into my property as I was driving toward the house.  I was about a half mile away from the property, so I couldn’t see who it was.  Initial thoughts were that I had caught someone trying to hop the fence into the backyard.

When I pulled up to my property and tried to see who was invading my space, I had to laugh. It was my neighbor’s daughter Brooke, her husband Kyle, and their son Ryder.  I rolled down the window and said hello. 

“We were just looking into your back yard.  A wild turkey just flew into it,” Brooke said.  We started laughing and joking about the whole thing.  I pulled around the house into the driveway and decided to begin the search for the turkey.

I let Happy and Cody out of the house to aide me in the search – but Cody was more concerned about barking at the neighbors than finding some old turkey – and I don’t mean me. 

A quick search of the backyard revealed no turkey. By this time Brooke, Kyle, and Ryder had walked back toward my neighbor’s house. We chatted for a little while, and I said that with two holes in the old shed’s roof, the turkey might have fallen inside. We kept talking about the building, my battle with the groundhogs, and my search to find someone to tear it down.  Kyle mentioned in passing that he had some time on his hands while he and his family waited to move into their home. He had been working at some odd jobs around my neighbor’s house while they waited. He said he would be willing to work on taking the building down.  I smiled and said, “Well, it’s a pretty big job; think about it and let me know…”

About an hour later, Kyle came back to the house and we talked about the demolition of Dad’s old shed.  I told him about the only things I wanted out of the place was the old copper kettle and maybe the stirring paddle. Kyle said he loved doing this sort of thing. He said he would haul away unwanted stuff to the dump; I told him what he couldn’t get rid of could just be left on the burn pile in the backyard. Anything else he found that he wanted to keep he could have. We talked about payment for the job, shook hands, and parted ways.

Shed1The demolition has begun...being inspected by my resident trackers

Had it not been for a wild turkey – which I never saw – flying into my backyard one Sunday afternoon at just the right time, Kyle, Brooke, and Ryder would have never been walking onto my property, I would have probably never talked to Kyle – a man with a desire to poke through old buildings – and my search for a shed demolisher would have continued. I'm still thinking how wonderful this answer to prayer has been.

We find ourselves saying “God works in mysterious ways.”  Maybe.  But I’m not so sure it’s mystery as much as it is a masterful weaving of events to bring about His will that causes us to stop and think about how incredibly amazing my God really is. 


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