back of the napkin #22
Whoo hooo! It's Friday!

the warlord's companion

Cover1Yes, it's finally in print!

Just over 10 years ago, I was taking a break and read a few headlines from an internet news provider. One story described how archeologists had found a mummified panda in someone's tomb. The person being interviewed described the find and then commented that they felt the panda would be used for food in the afterlife.

I remember sitting back in my chair and thinking, "What if...?" What if the panda was not food? What if the panda was actually a pet?

And the story started to develop.  Characters, settings, events, action, emotion. The more I thought about it, they more I started to feel that this could actually be worth developing into a novel.

At about the same time, a good friend and I decided we should get together on a regular basis to discuss our personal writing, and encourage each other by sharing things we were writing and commenting on what we were doing. 

I wrote an outline. The major character in the novel - a Christian archeologist named Benjamin Sunday - took shape in my mind and on the page and slowly but surely the tale nagged at me to be told.

A friend introduced me to the idea of "self-publishing" and I kept it in the back of my mind in Cover2case my novel was finished. I finally told myself I had dabbled long enough. I finished the chapters I had planned. I reviewed, and revised, and argued with my muse who walked out on me a few times, frustrated that I just wasn't getting it done fast enough.

Finally, I opened an account on CreateSpace, an Amazon company, and took the self-publishing plunge. Step by step I inched the project forward until today -- when I joined authors on Amazon and published my first novel.

I think it's a good story; I had lots of fun writing it and I learned a great deal - about myself, about writing, about characters and storytelling.

I tell friends I'm working on the second novel at the moment. In fact, if they all get written, I will have four Benjamin Sunday novels. So if there are gaps here on the blog, it's either the result of life becoming too busy, or I'm busy working on the next book.

Fingers crossed!


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