back of the napkin #23
Whoo hooo! It's Friday!

the battle of Carlton Drive

Battle1You figure you live in a place for nearly 60 years there should be a sense of respect for property between neighbors.

Yeah, Bill - you must think you're living in HappyLand...

It's been a constant battle to try and keep things peaceful on Carlton Drive. But the battle seems to be starting once again...

 I've had to endure high speed cars and bone-jarring vibrations from tractor-trailers flying down the road next to my house. I remember one car traveling so fast that it actually flipped over and slid down the road before hitting a sizable bush; the kid driving the car was going to his high school prom, and he was late.

Before the road was blocked at the point where it intersects with the railroad tracks 30 yards from my house, tractor-trailers could be heard speeding up to hit the tracks as hard as possible, or release their air brakes so they sound like a drunk old man dragging hundreds of empty milk jugs behind him -- AT 3:00AM!!! Mom had to sleep with an air conditioner running during the summer months while working night shifts at a local factory; it was the only way she could sleep during the day since the traffic on the little two-lane road was obnoxiously constant.

When the WV State Road department informed me that they were blocking our little road at the railroad track intersection, I was prepared to dance on the roof. Traffic would be forced to use the new road that had been constructed to the northeast of our little community. (Well, except for Swift truck drivers and fair number of people who have trouble understanding what "DEAD END" means.) Nevertheless, Carlton Drive would once again become relatively peaceful. Life on a dead end -- now that's living! Quiet nights hearing crickets chirping. Days of birdsong and sunshine. Shangri-La.

Battle2But then two things happened.

First, WV State Road made good on their promise and created a turnaround for trucks and others who, not understanding what "DEAD END" means, would be able to turn around and find their way out of the terminus of Carlton Drive.

Second, Carter Lumber decided to move operations to the factory lot next door and across the road from me.  (NOTE: Several years ago, when tractor trailers into this lot were kicking up so much dust that I had to clean the windows on the north side almost every week, I planted a line of Fuja Green Giant evergreens to block the dust and to cut down the noise.)

So, once Carter Lumber started up, working hours were filled with the sounds of a lumber/construction business. But after hours, their gates were closed and peace once again returned to Carlton Drive. They were even closed on weekends! Bliss!!

Well yeah, until Carter Lumber's delivery tractor trailers started to show up. Despite posting a NO PARKING AFTER HOURS sign on their closed fences, these Einsteins ignored the signs - and parked in front of Carter Lumber's closed gates overnight.  Not only that, when that area was filled with trucks, additional trucks would back into the turnaround and idle there overnight.


I complained to Carter Lumber several times. Finally, this morning some hotshot appeared at my door and tried to tell me, "Those aren't our trucks."

"Are they delivering product to your warehouse?" I asked.

"Well, yeah," the man grunted.

"Then YOU are the reason they are there, and to a resident, YOU should be responsible for informing them that parking in the turnaround is not acceptable."

"But they are not our trucks...," came another response from the enlightened manager.

It was like arguing with a piece of limp spaghetti.

I laugh about it now, but it is very upsetting that people cannot understand concepts like "respect" and "responsibility". I pointed out to Mr. Manager that I was no stranger to this argument. He said that if the trucks were bothering me I should call local police to shift the trucks out of their parking lot.  So I'm left being made to feel that because he's not around, it's not his problem.  It's up to me to do something about the issue.

I'm not sure what my next move will be in the ongoing battle of Carlton Drive. I've written to the WV State Roads department and received a response that someone would follow-up in 10 days. Yeah, I'm not holding my breath on that one.

I may try to call the WV State Police to see if I have any options. It's not a 9-1-1 call; it's just dam annoying.

I thought about driving out around 4:00 AM with an air horn to shatter the quiet for the parkers. But I could hear my sister saying, "You're gonna get shot..." so that's not going to happen.

The best I can do is pray and seek God's wisdom and help, and I will certainly do that. If the trucks won't go, I can still trust the Lord to give me patience.

"Faith is the victory, we know, that overcomes the world."


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