back of the napkin #24
Whoo hooo!! It's Friday!!

storm prep

Snowdog1Since I work from home several days a week, the threat of winter weather is greatly reduced.  When other facilities must close because there is an accumulation of snow on the ground making travel treacherous, I walk to my kitchen table, sign into my work computer via a remote connection, and I am at work.

It was supposed to be a "major storm". Whenever I hear a forecast like that I remind myself of two things. One – I live in a valley which routinely protects us from harsh weather. Unless the wind currents are coming directly out of the north carrying frigid air and it intersects at just the right time with moist air from the south coming up the valley, the report of anything “major” is usually laughable.  And two - weather people can only rely upon the data their instruments provide.  Their satellites and computers can only report what they detect and only predict what the accumulated data and mathematical algorithms generate.

I’ve never heard a weatherman end his weather report with “…if God wills”. Snowdog2

And so weather predictions are naturally unpredictable.

But that does not stop people from driving like maniacs, or people making a mass attack on grocery stores for the milk, bread, and toilet paper they believe they will need for the overnight blizzard delivery – and won’t use until days after the event.

No matter what is predicted, one thing is sure – weather will happen.

It’s funny. People will take the prediction of a blizzard and change their behavior as if their life depended on it. Yet, when it comes to the prediction that Jesus will someday return to earth, and of His coming judgement, people react with an uninterested, “Meh…”

And yet God tells me that now is the time to get ready for His return: "Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect." (Matthew 24:44)


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