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hills and valleys

 On the mountains I will bow my life to the One who set me there.
In the valley I will lift my eyes to the One who sees me there.
When I'm standing on the mountain I didn't get there on my own.
When I'm walking through the valley I know I am not alone.
You're God of the hills and valleys...



three strikes

Batball2A Facebook article this morning reminded me of some dark days in my life.

The seminarian who dropped by my room one evening to tell me that he didn't want to be my friend.

The pastor who informed me that being absent from special meetings was reasoning for rejecting my application to join the church's pastor staff - and that I wasn't "personable" enough.

Others. Spilled milk. Scabs that need not be picked.

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The new Bible Project series focuses on important words in the Bible. The Bible Project is like the "Walk Thru The Bible" for the digital age. WTTB used to hold seminars that helped to give Bible students a visual and memorable way of remembering the flow of the Bible. The Bible Project is doing almost the same thing with it's overviews of the books of the Bible and studies of themes and now words in the Bible.


born in zion

BornzionWayne Watson was one of the first contemporary Christian artists of which I'll gladly call myself a "fan".

The first song I remember hearing him sing was his composition of the well-known poem, "The Old Violin". Every album and then CD he released was spiritually challenging and inspirational. Looking back over his career, he may not be house-hold name some Christian celebrities might be, but his style is meaningful, and his work memorable.

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I just read a writing blog (WARNING: the author uses profanities like they're going to make his verbosity more convincing.).  The author moaned and whined about the hypocrisy of Republicans. Chucklehead

Yeah, like Democrats are perfect and saintly.

I waded through the writing and found myself shaking my head time and again as the verbal lemming jumped off the ledge like so many others are doing. Having swallowed what the mainstream media outlets are dishing out he just figured the world needed his 2 cents worth of passion.

Ugh. So not worth even that.

But what I find hilarious is that the author CLOSED the comments to his rant. He whines and whines and whines some more and you think, "OK, but there is another side that he's not even considering". You would like to enlighten the chucklehead that not everyone shares his opinion, but he ends the post by saying comments about his "prize-winning" prose are closed.


Man up, DUMBlebore... If you're gonna pump out sewage, you had better be prepared to have some fired back at you. If not there's only one word for you --->  Coward.


the blank page

BookpageI recently read this encouraging little story...


I’m supposed to write an article filled with biblical and practical wisdom that will inspire pastors to be better leaders, counselors and preachers, all the while knowing that I need to be on the other end of that article. I need to be the reader, not the writer. So I sat in my office, staring at a blank page.

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