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power in prayer

Whenever I hear someone pray like this, I am humbled to think how anemic my own prayer life is. Yes, even though it's an actress delivering lines in a fictional story, I have heard prayers like this - students in prayer meetings at Bible college, seminarians who know the reality of "Jesus loves me, this I know; for the Bible tells me so", and worshipers on their knees praying throughout the night for the spirit of God to move mightily in the world for guidance, and protection, and mercy.

The new year is quickly approaching, and if there is something I need to see change in my life, it's a deepening of my prayer life -- to be one of those raised up to pray for this time, and the generation to come.


lemon road

LemonroadIt makes me smile inside myself when I see a sign or instructions - and disbelieve what it's trying to tell me.

"Wet Paint"  Oh yeah? And my finger just has to test whether or not it really is.

"Delivery Date Will Be ##/##/####"  And I click "Track Package" when the email confirmation appears, and then keep checking it to see where the package is.

Disbelief causes stress. Being untrusting brings a level of tension in life that isn't really needed.

So what if it doesn't turn out the way it was supposed to? Why do I conclude the result is disappointing? Why can't I just accept the idea that sometimes things are as they are because they just are? Can I complain and get what I want? Sure, but is that necessary? Why am I so quick to conclude something as disappointing when it might be that the supposed disappointment might be the better way or the better thing?

Disbelief is what happens when someone or some thing proves to be wrong in their warning or instructions. But doesn't that ultimately make life more interesting?

I am expecting lemonade - but I get a lemon instead. So? What can be done about that? What makes life interesting is trying to creatively use what life gives me and see where that will take me.

That's what gives joy in the journey. Sometimes the detour takes me to the more wonderful adventure.

And I'll get to it -- just as soon as I see whether or not this really IS wet paint...

modern day sadness

Cell phone

I noticed this posting on Facebook the other day:

"I didn't get a chance to call but I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Love and miss you!!!"

Is it not sad that someone could spend time executing a text message on their cell phone, but not use the same phone to dial 10 numbers and spend five minutes to call someone and wish them a Merry Christmas.

As convenient as they are, there are times when I wish they would have never been invented.


Typepad has been my blog home for over 10 years. Over 1600 posts and growing.

So when Typepad contacted me and told me I could have my own domain, I said, "Sure. Why not?"

So now it's easier to get to my tiny cobblestone on the internet highway. All one has to do is go to and BOOM - you're there.

Of course, the blog also contains links to my two Tumblr accounts - Pilgrim Progressional and Snips and allows readers to subscribe to the blog so they can be notified of new postings.

With the new domain, I may be changing the layout from time to time. The domain gives a blogger a great deal more flexibility with their internet real estate. Plus it gives me new opportunities to learn about technology and web design and other things. More fun that should keep me busy for another 10 years - hopes, helps, words, music, memories, lessons learned, and much more. It's all here. Enjoy!

seeing, believing, and lost keys

Key"I don’t see why faith should be seen as inconsistent with science. There is nothing illogical about miracles if a Creator God exists. If a God exists who is big enough to create the universe in all its complexity and vastness, why should a mere miracle be such a mental stretch? To prove that miracles could not happen, you would have to know beyond a doubt that God does not exist. But that is not something anyone can prove.

"Science must always assume that an effect has a repeatable, natural cause. That is its methodology. Imagine, then, for the sake of argument that a miracle actually occurred. Science would have no way to confirm a nonrepeatable, supernatural cause. Alvin Plantinga argued that to say that there must be a scientific cause for any apparently miraculous phenomenon is like insisting that your lost keys must be under the streetlight because that’s the only place you can see."

- Pastor Tim Keller from a NYTimes interview with Nicholas Kristof

remind me

Every now and then Facebook drops something interesting into my lap. When I first started listening to this song someone had posted, I didn't think it was something that I would like. But as the song continued, the simple tune and the wonderful words struck a deep chord within me. I listened a second time, and then a third, and then I realized just how wonderful this song is.

"Lord, remind me,
that the cry of faith so simple
is the greatest song in heaven's hymnal
Lord, remind me,
because it's Christmas
and I want to remember..."

the lesson of dependency


“In a clock, stop but one wheel and you stop every wheel, because they are dependent upon one other. So when God has ordered a thing for the present to be thus and thus, how do you know how many things depend upon this thing? God may have some work to do twenty years hence that depends on this passage of providence that falls out this day or this week.”

Jeremiah Burroughs, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment