I heard a gospel choir on the radio as I headed to work:

“There’s a storm out over the ocean, And it's headed this-a-way.
If your anchor’s not in Jesus, You just might be swept away.”

And this is written in the inside cover page of my Bible; I'm not sure where I read it or heard it:

Anchored to the Cross
my life is not futile
my failures are not fatal
my death is not final

The anchor - an image of something holding fast when things get a little rough. Why do so many "sail" through life without it? Knowing how true and necessary holding fast to Christ is, why am I constantly reminding myself to hold on? The storm is life, the saving rock is Jesus, and the anchor is my faith.

So many don't know what they believe. Some believe what they believe but have never asked themselves why they believe it. Sometimes I need to remind myself what I believe and remember why I believe it. It's probably best that way. When I remind myself of what I believe, I think it keeps my faith fresh. It also keeps me from assuming I know it all.


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